Our Vision

To be South Australia's leading provider of sensitive and innovative cemetery services.

Our Core Values

We are proud of our cemeteries, the services we provide and the privileged role we play in people’s lives.

We are warm, welcoming and supportive towards each other, our customers and the wider community.

We listen and meet the needs of people better than anyone else.

We demonstrate pace and ambition, future focus and a desire to continuously improve.

Governance & Board

The Adelaide Cemeteries Authority is a self-funded statutory authority of the South Australian Government. We are governed by a Board of Directors all reporting to the Minister of Planning The Honourable Stephan Knoll MP.  

The Honourable Stephan Knoll MP

Ms. Ester Huxtable (Chair)

Mr. Wayne Hanson

Ms. Sue Clearihan

Mrs. Robyn Geraghty

Ms. Patricia Christie

Ms. Mary Patetsos

Reports, Plans & Policies

As a Statutory Authority of the State Government we are committed to a strong corporate governance framework that is open and transparent. As part of our commitment we have made available a range of reports, plans and policies.

Specifically in relation to our Floral Tributes Policy, our cemeteries are shared public areas and as such, those wishing to memorialise at sites should be familiar with this Policy. 

In the final week of each calendar month, floral tributes are gathered from each garden and placed on racks to allow us to perform required maintenance such as mowing. Tributes are stored on the racks for a period of four weeks and within this timeframe may be retrieved and replaced by families if desired.

The Floral Tributes Policy is available in its entirety below. 

Cemetery plans of management