Enfield Memorial Park

Sweeping expanses of manicured lawns, rows of striking deciduous trees, beds of spectacular roses, and a diverse range of feature gardens make Enfield Memorial Park Adelaide’s premier lawn cemetery.

Western Rose Garden

This picturesque park offers a range of contemporary, traditional, and unique burial and cremation options perfect for remembering a life and ensuring an enduring legacy for generations to come. From beautifully manicured lawns, tranquil tree lined areas and native bushland settings, to traditional headstone and above ground burial sites as well as magnificent rose gardens perfumed with heady floral blooms, you are sure to find that special place to remember and be remembered.

Enfield Memorial Park is open to the public every day of the year and hosts a variety of community events.

To download your copy of Enfield Memorial Park's burial options, cremation options, mausoleum options or map, please click on the links below.

Buddhist Garden


Capturing the essence of the Buddhist Faith and the principles of Feng Shui, the Buddhist Garden provides a calm and peaceful place of remembrance for all, regardless of faith or ethnicity.The focal point of this harmonious garden is the Amitabha Buddha. Carved from grey marble, this impressive statue watches over the symmetrical gardens, which have been blessed with holy dews, transforming it to pure land.

The inclusion of land gods, incense bowls and offering tables allow for Buddhist customs and traditions, such as the offering of flowers and fruit and the burning of incense. To meet the needs of the community the new garden offers a range of vault, traditional burial and cremation memorial options. These vary according to size, aspect and location, and include a selection of premium options close to Buddha.You can now personally choose and pre-purchase your final resting place within South Australia’s first and only public Buddhist burial and cremation area.

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Enfield Memorial Park Mausoleum

Marrying European tradition and style with contemporary elegance, this welcoming and luxurious final resting place offers an aura of dignity, reverence and respect. Carrying forward the grand essence of the existing mausoleum, the third and final phase of development provides a rare opportunity to secure your family’s final resting place at the prestigious Enfield Memorial Park.

Expansion of the mausoleum precinct has created 100 new crypts within the air-conditioned comfort of the existing mausoleum building as well as 284 courtyard crypts. Arranged over four levels, both single and companion interment options are available, each with a 99 year lease.

Each crypt can also be personalised with prestigious gold leaf lettering, emblems, bronze embellishments and ceramic photos, creating a truly bespoke final resting place.

Whichever option you choose, you can now personally select and pre-purchase your crypt, providing you and your family with peace of mind knowing that all arrangements have been finalised.

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Wirra Wonga - Natural Earth Burial

Wirra Wonga, the Kaurna term for ‘bush grave’, is a native bushland setting specifically designed using plants indigenous to the adjacent Folland Park Reserve. This natural, environmentally sustainable option involves interment in a bio-degradable casket or a simple shroud, with the remains returned to the earth naturally. While there is no physical identification of the person at the place of burial, each site is micro-chipped to allow current and future generations to locate their loved ones.

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Stevenson Garden

Sitting proudly within this stunning lawn cemetery is Stevenson Garden. This peaceful cremation memorial area is set around a gentle creek bed, which winds its way through a rich landscape of native and exotic trees and shrubs. There are 12 uniquely different memorialisation options available, many of which can be designed to incorporate family crests, emblems, illustrations and photographs.

New- The Cascades

A new garden beside the Buddhist Garden is now ready for pre purchase that includes a contemporary amphitheater surrounded by trees in a unique water setting. For more information click here.


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