Our Cemeteries

How and where a person is memorialised plays a fundamental role in the emotional legacy they leave behind. This is the legacy that loved ones will continue to interact with and reflect upon. It is essential then that they have the freedom to choose a place that best reflects the life they lived and how they wish to be remembered.

Each of our cemeteries provides a variety of burial and cremation memorial places designed to meet individual wishes and specific cultural beliefs. Among them flowered gardens, pristine lawns, quaint little alcoves, above ground vaults and serene, bushland settings.

Cheltenham Cemetery

Established in 1876, this distinctive community cemetery has been the preferred choice for generations of families, eloquently marrying lawn and stately rose gardens with the stunning sculptural beauty of new and nineteenth century monuments.

Enfield Memorial Park

Sweeping expanses of manicured lawns, rows of striking deciduous trees, beds of spectacular roses, and a diverse range of feature gardens make Enfield Memorial Park Adelaide’s premier lawn cemetery, the perfect place for remembering a life and ensuring an enduring legacy for generations to come.

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Smithfield Memorial Park

Amid a native park-like setting just off Main North Road at Evanston South, Smithfield Memorial Park offers picturesque lakes and tranquil gardens that provide peaceful areas for burial and cremation memorials.

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West Terrace Cemetery

West Terrace Cemetery has been a feature of Adelaide since Colonel William Light identified its location in his 1837 plan for the city. Since then more than 150,000 souls have been laid to rest at the cemetery bringing together the many threads of our State's rich heritage in one place.

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