Online Memorials

We all need a place for remembrance and reflection, for some this exists online. An online memorial is simply a story of life told through words and images. Each memorial tells a poignant story of how those who are no longer with us appreciated the beautiful gift of life. 

Many people find comfort in creating an online memorial; especially those who do not live close to the final resting place of their loved one. At the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority we offer family and friends a secure online place to come together, share their memories and celebrate a life well lived. Loved ones can create a memorial page which they can access and personalise from any location, 24 hours a day. 

Should you wish for only a select number of people to have access to your online memorial you can choose to make it private. This allows you to control who can view the memorial page and post content.

Distance is no longer a barrier to sharing treasured memories and conversations. If you have even basic computer skills, you can create an Online Memorial page yourself in just a few minutes. In fact you can even create an Online Memorial using a tablet or smartphone. 

To create an online memorial you will first need to locate your loved one using our records search facility. Click here to search our records or to read our Terms & Conditions click here.

Create an online memorial for your loved one

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