Cultural Centre for the Dead Project

Cultural Centre for the Dead Project

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Hosted by Enfield Memorial Park, the Cultural Centre for the Dead is a community-based project which – through creative writing and performance – is seeking to open a dialogue with writers from diverse cultural backgrounds on their experience of a universal yet shared topic: death. Specifically, the project seeks to uncover the ways in which traditional death practices can impact and influence the way we live our lives.

The free Creative Writing Workshops are aimed at new and active writers from all
cultural backgrounds and are being led by experienced writing teachers and artists
Manal Younus and Alexis West.

Using creative prompts, these workshops explore themes of mortality, belief, and the
ceremonies and stories that we construct around death. The workshops aim to extend the
discussion around the ways these stories can lead us to live more deeply.
Participants need not be experienced writers but they must be willing to explore and share
their personal beliefs about mortality. 

Creative works developed as part of the workshop series will be performed at an evening
event held at Enfield Memorial Park, 6pm Saturday 8 July. This free community function
will include readings, performance, music and dance, plus food and refreshments, and will
have an emphasis on the diversity of the local community.

The Cultural Centre of the Dead Anthology, including a selection of creative pieces
developed during the ongoing project, will also be curated, compiled, and distributed by the
Adelaide Cemetery Authority and SA Writers Centre.

Key Dates:

• Workshop 1 Thursday 25 May 10am – 1pm
• Workshop 2 Sunday 4 June 10am – 1pm
• Workshop 3 Saturday 17 June 10am – 1pm
• Workshop 4 Thursday 22 June 6pm – 9pm
• Reading Event Saturday 8 July 6pm


Workshop and Event Bookings are essential. To register click or call
SA Writers Centre on 08 8223 7662.


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