Symbols In Cemeteries

Symbols In Cemeteries

Meaning of Symbols In Cemeteries

Friday, 3 March 2017

There are many symbols in a Cemetery, that represent a specific name, ethnicity, religion or have a unique meaning.

Some of the Cemetery symbols discovered by our Volunteers at West Terrace Cemetery are:

Anchor = hope or sometimes symbol of occupation

Angel = Heavenly messenger, divine link

Winged = Soul ascending to Heaven

Pointing = Finger Directing the soul to Heaven

Book Open = Personal details of deceased

Closed Bible = Book of Life

Broken Chain = Chain of Life broken; grief or loss

Broken Column = Cut down in prime of life

Broken Flower = Life cut off

Clock Face = Passing of time

Cross Faith = indication of nationality

Crown = Glory's crown

Dove = the Holy Spirit With olive branch Eternal peace

Eye = All Seeing Eye of God, an equilateral triangle surrounding it represents the Trinity; radiating rays denote revelation of divine glory.

Fern = Leaves Eternity

Floral = Swag Memory

Forget-me-knots = Remembrance

Grasped Hands= Reunion or Farewell

Heart Symbol = of love and devotion

Hourglass = sometimes winged Swift flight of time

HIS = First 3 letters of Jesus' name in Greek

Ivy = Memories that cling like ivy

Lamb = Innocence

Laurel = Glory

Lily = Purity

Oak = Strength

Web (spider) = Human frailty

Weeping = Sad Figures Grief or loss

Willow = Grief or loss

Wreath = Memory

Bodiless Cherub = Flight of the soul

Other symbols show the occupation of the deceased; perhaps gear wheels for an engineer, fireman's helmet for a fireman, tram for a tram driver etc. For further information on symbols also look at the Cemetery club website


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