Micro-Chipped Eco-Graves

Micro-Chipped Eco-Graves

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Natural burial practices combined with the latest micro-chipping technology provide an environmentally sustainable and very personal alternative to traditional burial practices.

The body is prepared without the use of embalming fluid and placed in a biodegradable coffin or shroud allowing a natural return to the earth to become part of the natural landscape. Cremated remains in an urn can also be buried in the Natural Burial areas.

The Adelaide Cemeteries Authority offers two uniquely different natural burial areas, Wirra Wonga at Enfield Memorial Park and Pilyu Yarta at Smithfield Memorial Park.

To preserve the natural environment, traditional headstones are replaced by native plantings. While there is no physical identification at the grave, families can choose to have the deceased’s name and date of death inscribed on the communal memorial stone at the entrance to the burial area.

Each grave is micro-chipped, using radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking system technology, to allow current and future generations to locate the final resting place of their loved ones. RFID is the same technology that reunites you with your lost pet if they have been micro-chipped by the vet.

There are 3 elements of our Natural Burial RFID tracking system:

  1. Identifier
  2. Reader, and
  3. Database.

The identifier is a micro-chip, read-only device. Each microchip has a unique identifying number printed on bar code labels and recorded in our electronic database. The microchip has a glass exterior and is embedded in a solid, red, weatherproof, polyethylene rod about 15cm long (see photo). The rod is then placed in the soil at the head of the grave.

The reader is a handheld stick-like device about 1 meter long. When activated, the reader produces a low-strength magnetic field. The reader is slowly waved over the head of the grave site which causes the buried microchip identifier to transmit the unique identification number back to the reader's screen on the handheld portable digital assistant (PDA).

The database records the identification number assigned to the name of the deceased.

Teeming with colour and life, this environmentally sustainable burial option combined with the latest technology, ensures we know with certainty who is buried in a particular spot.


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