Proposed expansion of West Terrace Cemetery

Proposed expansion of West Terrace Cemetery

Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Adelaide Cemeteries Authority has responded to calls for the re-generation of the Southern Parklands by proposing plans for the expansion of West Terrace Cemetery into Wirranendi (Park 23).


With the annual number of deaths in South Australia forecast to double over the next 25 years and plots at the State Heritage listed cemetery in short supply, new interment sites are needed to meet ongoing community demand.


Concept plans for six extensions were tabled with the Adelaide Parklands Authority in late 2015. The plans, which are aligned with the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005 and the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy 2010, have a strong emphasis on protecting and enhancing the rich cultural and environmental heritage of the Adelaide Park Lands as well as delivering increased biodiversity and habitat.


The proposed designs acknowledge the importance of retaining the existing natural aesthetic of the Adelaide Park Lands and include the establishment of natural and formal burial areas, expansion of the Australian Imperial Forces and Catholic sections as well as the rehabilitation of parkland areas, a multi-purpose visitor centre and community events space.


As the custodian of the State Heritage-listed West Terrace Cemetery, the Authority looks forward to ongoing community consultation to develop plans that will ultimately enhance the environmental, cultural, recreational and social value of the land, whilst also addressing the state’s future burial needs.


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