Afghan Cameleers Exhibition

Afghan Cameleers Exhibition

West Terrace Cemetery

30 Sep 2017 at 11:00 AM

Discover the work, lives and cultures of the cameleers who helped open up the outback. Hear from Pamela Rajowski OAM, who has carried out significant research on the Afghan Cameleers. See the exhibition at our historical West Terrace Cemetery and take the tour of the Afghan section at our West Terrace Cemetery. The exhibition will be open from 11AM- 2PM, 30 September. Weekly Tours of the Afghan section at West Terrace Cemetery every Tuesday and Sunday at 10:30 AM- 2:30PM untill end of November.

The Adelaide Cemeteries Authority sees this educational display as an opportunity to work with author and researcher Pamela Rajkowski and help reveal the deeper stories behind these fascinating people and their contribution to our society. Despite the common use of ‘Afghan’, not all of the cameleers came from Afghanistan. In fact they originated from a wide variety of places including India, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Rajastan and Persia to name a few. By far the most common bond shared was that the majority of these men followed the religion of Islam.

Often leaving families behind and largely shunned by European settlers in this country, these cameleers nonetheless played a vital part in opening up Australia’s interior. 

They supported expeditions, delivered merchandise, carted water and served as hawkers. But their time was short – mechanisation, railways, a growing road network and the Overland Telegraph ultimately contributed to their demise. West Terrace Cemetery is the last resting place of some of the cameleers who chose to adopt South Australia as their permanent home.

The Adelaide Cemeteries Authority places great value on history and culture. We are proud to support the ‘Afghan’ Cameleers exhibition so that more South Australians can learn the details behind this fascinating era and the people who helped shape it. 

For enquiries about this Exhibition please contact our events team on (08)8139 7400


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