Death Over Dinner

Death Over Dinner

bringing death to life over food

10 Feb 2017 at 07:00 PM

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I’ve heard it said that in Victorian times they talked about death all the time and never about sex and today it’s the other way around” - Andrew Denton

We want to change this trend!

Come along to the most unusual dinner you have ever attended where the conversation is about death. Be part of the most profound conversation that Australia is not having. There’s a lot to say about death. For instance, despite huge advances in medical technology the mortality rate remains at 100%. Yes, we are all going to die. So let’s talk about it.

Our panel of culturally eclectic Guest Speakers will start the conversation while you sit back enshrouded by the ambience of the historic West Terrace Cemetery, enjoying drinks and dinner served by Feisty Filomena.

On sunset, when darkness falls across West Terrace Cemetery, the award-winning Night Tour will begin.  With only the soft glow of your lantern to light the way, and the eerie shadows of the monuments looming at every step, this unique guided sound and light experience takes you on an intriguing journey through good and evil, passion and reason, and the vices and virtues that are part of the human condition. As you explore the cemetery you will meet a host of dubious individuals, larrikins, eccentrics and mysterious figures. Their stories are so baffling, so bizarre and so callous that they will resonate in your mind long after the lanterns dim at the end of the night.

A most unusual entertaining night out that includes Guest Speakers, dinner, drinks, our award-winning Night Tour and parking all for just $55.

Friday 10 February 2017
Death Over Dinner
West Terrace Cemetery
7:00pm - 11:30pm
Price: $55

Limited numbers.

Book early to ensure your place.

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