Interred on 11/04/1924 at 82 Years of age.

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Site Record


West Terrace Cemetery
Section: Catholic Old Area
Grid Ref.: A1
Site Number: 86
Service Type: Burial

Grant Expires: 27/03/2014
The grant over this site has expired. Please contact our Renewal Team on 8139 7405 or via email ( to renew the grant and secure ongoing ownership of the site

Site Record

SurnameGiven NamesDate Of Death
Hewitt Anthony Raymond 18/01/1943
Doherty Margaret Jane 10/02/1914
Doherty Alice May 5/12/1897


Deceased surrounding site:
  1. Doherty, William Joseph
  2. McMahon, John
  3. Doherty, Alice May
  4. Doherty, William Joseph
  5. Doherty, Maureen Dawn
  6. Sullivan, Edward Michael
  7. Sullivan, Katherine
  8. Nicholson, Janet


Memorial owner: Sharon Legierski  

Maurice Doherty

Posted by: Sharon Legierski 'nee Doherty, 20/07/2015
Husband of Margaret Jane 'nee Bushby 1849 – 1914? Father of James Doherty 1874 – 1924 Mary Jane Doherty 1875 – 1949 William Joseph Doherty 1877 – 1933 Alice May Doherty 1879 – 1897 Margaret Elizabeth Doherty 1881 – 1946 Matthew Doherty 1883 – 1916 John Doherty 1885 – 1885 Nellie Theresa Doherty 1886 – 1970 Maurice Joseph Doherty III 1887 – 1888 Daisy Emily Doherty 1889 – 1919 Frederick Thomas Doherty 1896 – 1897

Family HIstory

Posted by: Sharon Legierski, 21/07/2015
Maurice migrated to Melbourne Australia alone from Tipperary Ireland 1864 aged 17, met and married Margaret J Bushby in Daylesford Vic 1874 where he learnt his trade from his father in law James Bushby, moved to Adelaide SA in 1881 with wife and five children, the other 6 being born in Adelaide. Occupation a boot maker and had 2 shops operating from Kent Town and Melbourne St North Adelaide.


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