Interred on 8/09/1971 at 80 Years of age.
Previously lived in SEMAPHORE, SA .

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Site Record


Cheltenham Cemetery
Section: Section M
Drive: C
Path (#): 9(31)
Site Number: 326S
Service Type: Burial

Grant Expires: 12/06/2021
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Site Record

SurnameGiven NamesDate Of Death
Antonson Florence May 24/01/1955
Antonson Douglas John 30/04/2000


Deceased surrounding site:
  1. Beatton, David Frederick
  2. Antonson, Norma Florence
  3. Antonson, Douglas John
  4. Beatton, Ellen Eliza
  5. Carr, Margaret
  6. O'Dea, Annie
  7. Humphries, Mary
  8. Cock, Nicholas


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