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The Adelaide Cemeteries Authority administers four cemeteries around Adelaide. Each has its own unique atmosphere, ranging from the cosmopolitan, heritage mood of Cheltenham Cemetery to the rural tranquility of Smithfield Memorial Park. Use the maps below to locate, explore and discover more about each of our cemeteries.

Enfield Memorial Park

Enfield Memorial Park can be approached from Main North Road and turning off at Warwick Street (the McDonalds restaurant is a good landmark for this turnoff) or by using Hampstead Road and turning off at Gordon Avenue (look for the Rainwise centre on the corner of Hampstead Road and Gordon Avenue as your turnoff point). There is an information board featuring a map just inside the Warwick Street entrance, and another information board just beyond the roundabout in from the Gordon Avenue entrance. On entering the Park, following the red line on the road will lead you to the Visitor’s Centre.

Cheltenham Cemetery

Cheltenham Cemetery is easily visible from Port Road and can be accessed by turning off at either Chippenham Street or High Street. Alternatively, there is access via Cheltenham Parade, turning on to Woodstock Street. There is an information board featuring a map just inside the entrance of Drive A near the corner of Port Road and High Street.


Smithfield Memorial Park

To access Smithfield Memorial Park from Main North Road, turn east down Smith Road. If you are heading north the turn off is 4 kilometres from Munno Para Shopping Centre. The Park can also be accessed from the west via Dalkeith Road. There is an information board featuring a map near the car park adjacent Lake 1.


West Terrace Cemetery

This cemetery is a landmark easily seen from the southern end of West Terrace. Look for the large CMI Toyota building on West Terrace – you can turn into the cemetery from West Terrace at this point. There is also access approaching from the east on Sturt Street, directly across West Terrace. There is an information board featuring a map just inside the cemetery entrance off West Terrace. Access to the Wakefield section of the cemetery is via Wylde Street to the North of the cemetery.


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