Organising a Funeral

Whether you are considering your own farewell or that of a loved one, organising a funeral can be daunting. At the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority we are here to help you navigate this significant and challenging life event.

Our funeral planner takes you through the planning process, inviting you to explore your options and answering questions as you go. There is no need to feel overwhelmed, you can take as much time as you need to think, talk to others and consider your options. Making the right decisions now will help to give you peace of mind in the years ahead.

Our friendly memorial consultants are here to help explain and simplify the process and to carefully take you through your options. Contact us to today make an appointment.

Honouring the deceased’s final wishes

Every person is unique as is the way one chooses to live their life. Whether saying goodbye entails an extravagant memorial service, a simple prayer ceremony or the completion of an action that would have mattered to the deceased, it is important that arrangements are carried out according to your loved one’s final wishes.

The deceased may have expressed their desires or made their own arrangements and pre-purchased their resting place. If this is the case, there will be a clear plan to follow, allowing you to concentrate on what you need to do in the short term.

If arrangements have not been made, memorial consultants can help guide you through your options. It is important to let your love for the deceased and knowledge of them guide your decisions as this will ensure a truly memorable final farewell.

Burial, Cremation or Entombment?

One of the most significant decisions you will make is choosing between burial, cremation or entombment. This can be a difficult decision for some families, especially if the deceased did not state their final wishes. If this is the case, you may like to consider the way they chose to live their life as well as their religious and cultural beliefs, as this may influence how they would have liked to be returned to the earth.

Cost may also factor in your decision making process. While many people believe that cremation is less expensive than burial, this is not necessarily the case. Costs will depend upon the location and type of memorial chosen.

In any case, your choice will ultimately guide the interment and memorial options available to you. No matter which type you choose, at the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority we offer a diverse range of beautiful burial and cremation memorial options across our four distinctive cemeteries.

For additional information about burial, cremation and entombment visit the FAQ section.

Find your perfect place 

Once you have decided on burial or cremation, it’s now time to find your perfect place. Selecting a special area that best reflects the deceased and how they wished to be remembered is important as this is the place that family, friends and future generations will continue to interact with.

At the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority we provide a diverse range of beautiful burial and cremation memorial options across our four distinctive cemeteries - Enfield Memorial Park, Cheltenham Cemetery, Smithfield Memorial Park and West Terrace Cemetery, each catering for specific religious and cultural needs. Among them are flowered gardens, pristine lawns, quaint little alcoves, above ground vaults and serene, bushland settings.

Our friendly memorial consultants are here to help you find that perfect place. Contact us to today make an appointment. If you already know what you are looking for. Cost will vary according to the type and location of the burial or cremation memorial as well as the cemetery you choose.

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Choosing a funeral director

A funeral director is there to help carry out your wishes. There are many in South Australia, each offering a unique level of personalised care and service. Some are religiously or culturally affiliated and some maintain their own chapel, lounge and cremation facilities.

Funeral directors will step you through the entire process from arranging and lodging the relevant paperwork, preparing the deceased for viewing, and consulting with the clergy or celebrant, to advising on the placement and wording of the funeral notice as well as the supply of the coffin, flowers, memorial attendance books, funeral cards and transport.

Your first meeting provides an opportunity for you to ask questions, learn more about the range of services and facilities they offer, and to get a sense of the people who will be taking care of you and your loved one at this particularly vulnerable time.

Whatever you are looking for, when choosing a funeral director it is important that the service provider you select can accommodate your requirements and has experience in planning the type of funeral that you want.

Celebrating life

The purpose of a funeral or memorial service is to give meaning to a person’s life. It’s an opportunity for family and friends to gather and remember the uniqueness of the individual and to celebrate the life that was lived while offering support to one another.

There are many ways to commemorate a life. In fact, your choices are limited only by your imagination. You can choose to make the service as simple, traditional or celebratory as you wish. You can have it anywhere and at any time of the day. You can feature a selection of your loved one's favourite music or choose the perfect prayers and hymns to reflect their religious beliefs. You can also arrange to release butterflies, doves or balloons at the close of the service.

Whatever you choose, we are perfectly positioned to help you create a truly personalised service that will be remembered for years to come. Our tastefully appointed chapels provide a peaceful and idyllic setting to farewell and remember a life. Each is air-conditioned, equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and complemented by private lounges, ideal for light refreshments following the service. Contact our friendly memorial sales team today to discuss your requirements.

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